Raúl from Ciderwinkel (cider shop) imports and discovers the best cider from Britain and Ireland with help from his family and friends. He imports directly from artisan producers, often from farmers who have made cider generation from generation. Later his interest also extended to France and Spain, the oldest cider-producing country. Occasionally we also have Dutch cider in stock.

Since the time of the Celts a booze up of cider apples has been made. This ancient tradition is now also discovered in the Netherlands, but has long been known in Galicia, Asturias, Basque Country and Switzerland.

Many especially know the French varieties of cider, but the British and Spanish have developed a typical taste for cider. Refreshingly delicious, we find cider (summer and winter). Or surprising warming (in winter;-)

Beers Festival 2016

Dunkerton’s cider

Aspall cyder


Ciderman not spiderman

Cidre domaine Cécillion

Cécillion - Sidra maeloc

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