Jopen has emerged from a shared dream to restore the brewing tradition in the city of Haarlem. With the opening of the Jopenkerk Haarlem (brewery, grand café and restaurant) Jopen put Haarlem back on the map as a sparkling brewcity. Jopen places high demands on quality and creates original craft beers, using the latest technological developments and the best ingredients. Balancing between tradition and experimentation.

Meanwhile Jopen ownes three locations. Jopenkerk (Jopenchurch) Haarlem, Jopen Proeflokaal Waarderpolder and Jopenkerk (Jopenchurch) Hoofddorp stands for social interaction, experience and love for craft beer and spirits.

Jopen is ready for the future. The divine beers of Jopen both nationally and internationally find their way to enthousiasts. Jopen, from local beer to beers of world class.

Beers Festival 2016

Goodmorning Sunshine (Berliner weisse)


Golden Bucket (Emmer Weizen IPA)


Mooie Nel (IPA)


Wayne’s World ft. Cigar City (American Blond)


HIJSM ft. De Prael (Imperial Oatmeal Milkstout)

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